What is SSH iSuper@Science@High school) ?

DSSH (Super Science High School) is a high school designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) that provides students with an enhanced education in the field of maths, science and technology.

Becoming a SSH allows schools to give lessons not consistent with the Ministry of Educationfs gGuidelines for Courses of Studyh, so SSH schools can develop a unique curriculum, and collaborate with universities and research institutes to train students to become one of the best scientists in the world. The Ministry funds SSHs to carry this task out.

Below is the aim of Toyama High School as a SSH.

gTo improve the scientific literacy of the whole school including that of students who are interested in liberal arts and do not intend to major in science, maths or technology, and lead the students to gain the art of self-studying.

By developing and carrying out a curriculum that trains the power to express and think critically, lead the students to become a worldly qualified scientist.h


In 2004, Toyama High School became one of the first Metropolitan high school to be designated as a SSH. After the 1st (three years) and 2nd (five years) designation and two years of interim measures, we are now in the second year of the 3rd designation (five years), which adds up to 12 years of SSH activities .

Toyama High School SSH plan


 Toyama High School is designated by the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) as a SSH (Super Science High School) to carry out advanced science and maths education and encourage the students to become internationally qualified scientists in the future.


› Toyama High Schoolfs aim as a SSH

To educate the students to become a person who could tend to all kinds of problems flexibly and effectively in in the field of science and technology.


› Curriculum development at Toyama High School as a SSH

We develop a system of educating science and maths which allows students to obtain skills of extracting global problems such as resources, energy and food, finding a solution to it that could be understood both socially and globally, and furthermore, explaining it in a way that the public at large could understand.

Toyama High School Science Trip in 2014


Since our 2nd designation as a SSH, we had a science trip to Hawaii, and from this year, we reformed this trip so that the participating students may have more opportunities to communicate in English, as English, as a worldly language, is required when finding a researching topic in the field of science.


What we did at each training institutes and how it went is as follows.

  i1j     Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies(Los Angeles)

Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies is a public school. One of our SSH aims is to make the students accustomed to presenting their research in English, so we arranged a time for them to give presentations in front of high school students.

Not only communicating in English but also answering questions in English was effective, as more students felt at home presenting in English after having this experience. According to a survey conducted after our return to Japan, 80% of the students were willing to present their studies in English.

However, the students themselves were not so satisfied with how they answered questions the American students asked them. More planning is required to have a fruitful time abroad.


i2j     Computer History Museum

We toured around this museum with people who used to work at computer firms, listened to how they worked to improve the computer, and learned how innovation came from product developing.


i3j     Stanford University

At this university, we discussed with 10 Japanese scientists about what it was really like to work in one of the best American universities as a Japanese scientist, and how they came to work there.

Also, two Japanese graduate students told us about their studies and we questioned them. After that, we went to the medical part of the university and a scientist from a Japanese university gave us an explanation about the facilities there.

The students were able to imagine how they might become like the people we met here and work as a scientist at a university abroad in the future.


i4j     New Tech High School(NAPA)

At this high school, the students experienced PBL (Problem Based Learning) with the American students.

After the students had an ice breaking activity and lunch, each group was given a topic to solve. Discussing and researching on the internet, the students organized and presented their points.

The students learned how to hold a discussion, and give a lively presentation.

After experiencing the activities mentioned above, the students learned not only about communicating in English, but also about working in America, and more than half of the students were conscious about how they can change their lives and attitudes towards their studies in Japan.